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What Did Jesus Do?

A look at what it means to say that Jesus is the “Son of God,” and from that, an interpretation of what Jesus did without using the doctrine of original sin.

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How Many Gods Are There?

Christianity is a monotheistic religion.  Christians worship one God.  But does that mean Christians believe God is the only spiritual power?  What does the Old Testament mean when it talks about other gods?  Do they exist, or are they just figments of peoples’ imagination?  Does the New Testament indicate there are other spiritual powers?  If so, where did they come from?  In this episode, we examine those questions and others, not from the perspective of what we’ve been told, but from the perspective of a close look at the Bible.

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Trusting the Bible

The Bible contains accounts of some fantastic things, things our scientific minds tell us could not have happened.  It’s virtually impossible for modern Christians to accept that those things really happened.  Faced with that, there seems to be only three options:  either you reject science, reject Christianity, or classify the Bible as a storybook that contains myths and legends.  There is, however, another option.  In this episode, we explore that option.

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An Alternative to Original Sin

Augustine’s idea of original sin became the lens through which Western Christianity views everything, including Jesus.  It paints a horrible picture of God.  But actually, original sin is just an interpretation, so we don’t have to be bound by it.  In this episode, we go back to the account of Adam and Eve, look at it differently than Augustine, and develop another interpretation, one which paints a completely different picture of God.

The Christian World View

Using an analysis of the first 34 verses of the Gospel of Mark, we see the world view of the New Testament.  Then we see how that goes along with how the Gospels present what Jesus did, what happened to Him while He was on earth, and why.  We rediscover what the Gospels say about Jesus, and we find that it’s completely different from the various ways American Christianity presents Jesus.  In our quest to start over with Christianity, we’re trying to get as close as we can to what the earliest Christians thought about Jesus.