About Us

I’m Tim Ware, host of the Starting Over With Christianity podcast.

My experiences in seminary, and after I graduated, convinced me there was a real need for a new perspective on Christianity, one that you won’t find in a church. Church is about church–buildings, programs, giving money–but often it is not about God and our connection to God. Plus, what is taught in most churches are narrow beliefs that come from only a few selected verses in the Bible.

I saw a need for a perspective on Christianity that embraces the full spectrum of the Bible, that doesn’t just blindly accept what someone else says, that questions, probes, looks for explanations and clarity.

And so I decided to begin the Starting Over With Christianity podcast. This weekly series examines Christian beliefs, their history and development, and compares them with the full spectrum of the Bible. The series looks at various ways of interpreting the Bible, looks at various ways of interpreting Christian beliefs, and looks at alternatives to how Christianity is usually presented.

This is not a devotional series or a collection of podcasts designed to make you feel better or give you a syrupy thought-for-the-day.  Starting over with Christianity is something that takes time, effort, and thought.  But if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, I think you’ll find something very valuable here.

Please also visit the main website Starting Over With Christianity, where you will find articles and other things of interest.


I live on a farm that has been in my wife’s family for 6 generations and am the pastor of a small congregation that is not connected to any denomination.