How to Get Your Sins Forgiven

Many Christians believe the purpose of Christianity is to get your sins forgiven.  This idea says God is a God of justice who demands payment for sin.  Jesus paid the penalty for sin by His suffering and death on the cross, and now God is able to extend an offer of forgiveness.  Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that forgiveness would be possible, but each person, individually, has to “get” forgiveness.

But does the Bible itself indicate that God demands payment for sin?  Some claim it does, but does it?  We’ll look through both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and instead of finding that God demands payment for sin, we’ll find something entirely different.  Rather than payment for sin, rather than forgiveness of sins, we’ll find that the real issue is repentance.

Many people believe repentance means being sorry for your sins and asking for forgiveness.  But is that really what repentance means?  Again, we’ll look at the Bible, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and discover that repentance means something entirely different.

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