Marriage in the Bible: The Old Testament

What does the Bible say about marriage?  Is “one man/one woman” traditional marriage what the Bible promotes?  In this first part of a two-part series, we look at what the Old Testament says about marriage.

First, we look at what many Christians consider to be the biblical basis for marriage.  Related to this, we next look at the reason opposite sexes are attracted to one another.  Both are connected to a passage from Genesis that says, “And they shall be one flesh.”

We look at multiple wives, the practice of polygamy.  Polygamy was common in the Old Testament.  Then we look at concubines and arranged marriages.  We discover a surprising thing about the marriage “ceremony” itself in Old Testament times.  In contrast to much of marriage in Christianity today, marriage in the Old Testament was not in any way considered to be a religious affair.

A look at the seriousness with which adultery was regarded comes next.  Related to adultery is the issue of divorce, which in Old Testament times was normally allowed and very easy.  Then we consider some interesting issues related to rape and engagement.

Overall, we will see that marriage in the Old Testament was much different than we think of marriage today.

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