Marriage in the Bible: The New Testament

What is a biblical view of marriage?  In last week’s episode, we saw that marriage in the Old Testament is totally different than how we think of marriage today.  This week, we look at what the New Testament has to say about marriage.

In the New Testament, we find what many Christians believe is the religious basis of marriage.  We then look at marriage among major New Testament figures and consider the question of whether Jesus was married.  We next look at Jesus’ troubling teachings on adultery and divorce.  We also find the New Testament has other troubling things to say related to marriage.

In the latter Middle Ages, the institutional Church decided marriage could be yet another revenue source and another source of power in society.  It was at that time that The Church made marriage a part of institutional Christianity.

But are the claims institutional Christianity makes about marriage born out by things contained in Scripture?  In this final segment of a two-part series on marriage, we will conclude our overview of what the Bible says about marriage.  Then, you won’t have to depend on what other people tell you the Bible says about marriage; you will know for yourself what the Bible says about marriage.

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