Translating the Bible

The Bible was not written in English. The earliest manuscripts we have of any books of the Bible are in a form of ancient Greek known as Koine Greek. If we want to read the Bible in English, someone must first translate it into English.

But translation is not a simple process of substituting an English word for a Greek word. Decisions and assumptions have to be made. Every translation is, to some extent, an interpretation.  When we read the Bible, are we reading the Bible itself, or are we reading something that has been filtered and altered to fit the existing beliefs of the translators?

In this podcast, we look at the complexities and pitfalls of translating the Bible. We take one verse from the Bible as an example and translate it into English. There are only 17 words in this verse. It should be simple to translate, but we find that it’s anything but simple.

What we find is surprising and will forever change how you read the Bible.

For a transcript of this podcast, click here.