Interpreting the Bible

Christian beliefs are derived from interpreting things in the Bible.  In general, Christian beliefs are not specifically stated in the Bible.  Every Christian belief is an interpretation of something in the Bible.

In this episode, we first look at how the majority of Christians interpret the Bible.  Then we ask if that process is valid.  Then we look at some of the problems involved with interpreting the Bible.  One problem is that Bible interpretation is a subjective process; that is, it is influenced by each person’s own feelings and opinions.  Different people interpret the Bible differently.

Given that, what is the “correct” interpretation of anything in the Bible?  Is there a single “correct” interpretation of anything the Bible says, or are there a variety of different interpretations that may be “correct” for different people?

If there is one “correct” interpretation, how do we know what it is?  Can we ever know?

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