The Role of Fathers in Families

The idea of God as being like a father is unique to Christianity.  No other major religion has that image of God.  It originated with Jesus.  Jesus told people to think of God as being like a father.

The image of God as being like a father should play a major role in Christianity.  Unfortunately it doesn’t because it was obscured, overshadowed, and spoiled by the doctrine of the Trinity.  But, if we’re going to start over with Christianity, we need to recover the idea Jesus introduced of thinking of God as being like a father.

That’s hard to do in today’s world, though, because fathers aren’t seen as being important.

Why is that?

Are fathers truly unimportant?  Are they dispensable, except as a source of child support and an occasional week-end visit?  If not, what is the importance of fathers?  Has replacing fathers with others served the interests of society?

To think about those questions, we go a roundabout way that includes an interesting look at American society over the past 200 years.  Along the way we encounter a possibility you may not have thought about.  But if you’re open to considering it, you may find it explains a lot about the world we live in today.

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