What Is Our Purpose in Life?

Our purpose in life can be summarized in one word—success.  We should strive to be successful in our careers, to stand out from the crowd and be above the crowd.  With success comes the rewards of success—the finer things of life that make life worth living, and these are things that only those with money can enjoy.  Success brings financial security, and with financial security comes the ability to enjoy life.  If you’re looking for happiness, you’ll find it in one place only—success.

At least, that’s what we’re told.

And so people strive for success.  Some achieve it; others don’t.  Those who achieve it aren’t happy, and they don’t know why.  Those who don’t achieve it are convinced they’re unhappy because they aren’t successful enough.

We live in a society where achieving success is seen to be our purpose in life, and where success is seen as the path to happiness.  But yet Americans are among the most unhappy people in the world.  Americans say they find no meaning and purpose in life.  That must mean that Americans are among the most unsuccessful people in the world; Americans are total failures at achieving success.  It has to mean that, because if it doesn’t, then we’d have to question the belief that success is the purpose in life and the path to happiness.

And we just can’t do that, can we?

But what if we do?  What if we depart from what everyone’s saying in politics, Christianity, education, and whatever other field you might imagine, and dare to consider that the purpose in life and the path to happiness might lie in a completely different direction?

In this podcast, that’s exactly what we do.  We look at something from the Bible that Christians often either ignore or go to great lengths to try to explain away.  In doing that, we find a novel idea that Christianity hasn’t considered for a long, long time, an idea that, if we dare to, we might be able to consider as our real purpose in life.

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