What Is God Like?

Our picture of God, what we think God is like, comes from what we believe about God.

The picture many Christians have of God is as the Great Rule Maker. God makes the rules and demands that we live by His rules. God marks down every time we break the rules, keeps account of it all, and one day He will use that against us.

Is that really what God is like? In this podcast, we look at that view of God. It is the way most Christians have been taught to think of God. But then we look at a completely different view of God, a view that says God is not the Great Rule Maker but is the One who wants the best for us. In fact, we consider that maybe what God wants most of all, above everything else, is the best for us.

This is a completely different way of looking at God’s commandments, and it paints a completely different picture of God.

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