Where Is God?

You don’t have to accept what churches and organized Christianity say in order to be a Christian! You can break free of all that, go beyond the mess organized Christianity has made of things, and find what Christianity is really all about! Our podcasts help you do just that.

This podcast considers the question, “Where Is God?” The most popular way Christians today think of God is that God is off up in heaven. Some Christians believe God never does anything in the world, is never involved in the world at all. He just sits up in heaven doing nothing here in the world. He might have a feeling of “love” for us, but that’s it. Other Christians, though, believe God controls everything in the world, pulls the strings and controls every single move every person in the world makes. Both of these ideas share a view of God that says God is distant from us, removed from us. Even Christians who believe God pulls all the strings and controls everything believe He does it remotely, from way off up in heaven.

This leads most Christians to see a separation between us and God–we’re here on earth, God’s somewhere else.

That’s how The Church and organized Christianity tell us we’re supposed to look at God.

But of course, we don’t have to do what The Church and organized Christianity say. In this podcast, we look at the question, “Where Is God?”, starting not with what organized Christianity tells us, but starting with what we find in Jesus. When we do that, we find a very different way of looking at God.

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