End of Life Decisions

Death is a part of life, and everyone will face it. Many times, when a person’s life is nearing its end, they have to make what are called “end of life decisions.” Do they want feeding tubes, kidney dialysis, ventilators, and other life support measures? If so, which ones? Under what circumstances? At what time do they want life support discontinued, or do they want it continued indefinitely?

And then there are various medical treatments. How do you decide which treatments you want and how far to go with the treatments? If you have cancer, do you want the entire gamut of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and experimental treatments? At what point do you stop treatments? Do you have to have treatments at all, or is it OK to reject treatments?

These are questions many people will have to face. Unfortunately, people often don’t consider questions like this beforehand. As a result, they often have to make them on-the-spot, under pressure, during a very emotional time, and without having the time or clarity of mind to really consider them. Or, what’s even worse, perhaps family members have to make those decisions, not knowing what their loved one would want.

No matter what your age and no matter how healthy you are, now is the time to consider end of life issues. This podcast considers end of life issues from a Christian perspective. What is the Christian perspective on life support, rejecting or accepting treatments, and other issues people face as their life draws to a close?

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