The Soul (part one)

This is the first in a two-part series on the soul.

But in the scientific age, and in the age where Christianity is increasingly focused on our lives here on earth, talking about the soul seems so outdated! Why would anyone waste time talking about old-fashioned notions like the soul?

Actually, the soul is the key to understanding what Christianity is really all about, and no, I’m not talking about getting your sins forgiven!

In this podcast, we look at the concept of the soul. What is the soul? Do we really have a soul? What actually is the soul?

We look at life, how science has no definition of what life is and really doesn’t know what life is.

Finally, we come up with an overall definition of what the soul is.

That prepares us for part two of this series on the soul, where we will look at the nature of reality itself and a fascinating intersection of Christianity and cutting-edge science.

For a transcript of this podcast, click here.