Original Sin

The Doctrine of Original Sin says that what people are at the core of their being is filthy, disgusting sinners. The most basic fact about you is that you are a piece of filth, rotten to the core. You are so rotten that you nauseate God.

Why are you that way? Is it because you choose to sin? No. You are that way because God made you so that you could do nothing but sin. But even though God made you so that you could not help but sin, God still holds you accountable for sin and wants to burn you in hell for it.

That, believe it or not, is the foundation on which Protestant and Roman Catholic beliefs are based. All of Protestant and Roman Catholic Christianity start with that one belief, the belief upon which everything else is based. That’s where both start.

But that leads to a horrible picture of God. It also leads us to have a horrible picture of ourselves, and it leads us to have a horrible picture of others.

Let’s leave all that behind and consider something different!

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